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NHS Patients Banbury

Horton Hospital

We aim to provide a state of the art clinical service. Effective treatment depends on careful assessment of you by us as your surgeons, backed up by our multidisciplinary team. All NHS patients are entitled to access our services via the national "Choose and Book" system that will be familiar to your General Practitioner.

If you wish to be seen in the Oxford Gynaecology and Pelvic Floor Centre, we usually need a referral from your general practitioner or hospital specialist to the contact details below:

Dominique Clarke
(PA to Mr Jonathan Nicholls)
Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Horton Hospital
Banbury, OX16 9AL

Tel no 01295 229478
Fax no 01295 229725

Click this link to the Horton Hospital website for additional information, car parking and other details.